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Where I’m from “Arabic version” I was born in a big city in the middle east, where the language Arabic is spoken and the people always beeping there cars cursing at you if you don’t move when its green in less the next second. Where flying carpets and magic lamps come from. I live from a childhood of playing Arabic games like 7 rocks, gumai, cards called hand with my tough grandpa and tell me war stories. The place where if you are the strongest kid in the block you are the leader of the pack. I’m from the sport of boxing and getting knocked out or breaking your nose was nothing, it’s the heart in you and how dedicated you are is the main thing I’m from the food of the deliciousness such as kebab on a stick with grilled meat and rice on the side, with hummus and falafel and steamy pita bread for eating it, it was always grilled perfectly and steamy. I’m from the family of the doctors engineers with the weirdest since of humor, all the old unusual jokes that you well never understand unless you’re an Arab. The family name of Bayyari which means rich farmers in the past. I’m from the terms “kul kara” “yallah ya habi” “wallah alait” terms that you well never guess what it means even if translated, only can be understood if you speak the ancient language. I’m from the religion of Islam, not Izlam, The people who always put other people first to help them, not the Taliban’s the true Muslims who always think deeply in life, from the words of the Quran is read and followed. I’m from the holy land, the never so free Palestine, where a lot of problems are held, where childhood is always about war, from love ones to death. You well never understand where im from, the lands of the Middle East is where im from, the movie Aladdin is not what it seems, that’s all you well know where im

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