Where I Live And What i Live For

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Where I Live and What I Live For Life, as we know it, something we cannot take for granted, nor can we be afraid to live it with every breath we take. Life is something we are given to show the world what we are capable of achieving and how we adapt to what is put in our way. Life is an obstacle course waiting to be weathered. How we approach this mischievous course all depends on two great factors. You first need to establish a point at which you feel comfortable living, and build upon this expanding your views on life. After you have found where you live life, you then need to establish your purpose, what you feel is essential to live for in life. Looking through things in my prospective, where I live is different. The world is very tough place to live. I live in a world full of hate, crime, and misfortune. I live in a world full of poverty and a world full of pain. With unemployment on a rise, and money running low, many turn to the streets to try and cope with their losses. Now life is not just full of all this negativity where I live, but it also has times of joy and success. Where I live, it has its highs and its lows. To more fully understand where you live and you need to accept everything and not dwell too long in one spot. Once I reached this point in my life, I was able to design and create a purpose for my life, what I feel my purpose is. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. I live for success. I do not just live for success in worldly things such as status and worldly worth, but for the things that make a difference in where I live. I live for helping others, building up those who are down, and putting others first. In today’s world, with times be as tough as they are, I, as an American, see fit to make a difference in the lives of others and reignite the morals and spirits of others who are of less fortune, or find themselves in
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