Where I Live Essay

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I wake up every morning to the shrill alarm of my clock. I depart on foot; therefore I have to wake up two hours earlier to reach school in time. I proceed with my daily routines, then exit my dilapidated house and head for school. It was always an interesting journey, as I pass many sights and sounds. I see people from the wealthier districts of my neighborhood jogging or mowing their lawn. And those shady people who have bloodshot eyes adjacent to them, whom I infer have finally succumbed to the cries of their kidneys and stopped drinking for the night as they lay sprawled on the ground. I hear the chirping of birds, the rumble of engines from the harassed cars trying to close that important deal. I come back every day at the same time, only to face the nagging of my drunken mother, and begin my chores to avoid the beatings from her. As I enter her room, I screw up my nose in revulsion at the stench of dried urine and vomit coming from the washroom. This was the room I had to clean every day. While cleaning my mother’s room, countless numbers of bottles of alcohol and needles were strewn everywhere. Every time I look at them, I feel downcast. “Why does my mother do these things?” I ask myself. After getting the house in spick-and-span condition, it was time to cook dinner. I try to remember everything that was taught to me at my Domestic Science classes. Actually it is pretty hard to forget, for I always get a good bashing for every mistake made, whether it is a mistake in following the recipe or if I cut the ingredients too big or too small. After wolfing down the meal, I got my mother a shot of whisky to wash down the ‘lousy’ dinner. It was no use pleading with her to try and lower her alcohol intake; all I would get is a tight slap on my face. Christmas arrived once again, an annual celebration for joy to fill the streets of every neighborhood. Everybody is in

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