Where I Come from Essay

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In the poem a different the poet “Sujata Bhatt” here talks about the effects of colonization or globalization for that matter. Whatever the case she addresses a sudden change in the way society thinks and how we should try to preserve it. She also talks about the loss of culture that comes with globalization and the loss of part of our history as we reject the teachings of the old culture and of our old heritage. It could be for this reason that she decided to name the poem “A Different History” In the starting of the poem she describe how people “here” (In India) accept new cultures in a positive light. The Greek deity of nature, the ‘Great Pan’, is seen to meld into the society in this place, his values and ideals still considered of utmost importance. The poet depicts how these people welcome new cultures, and the gods are seen to have ‘emigrated’ to India, in search of acceptance after being declared unwanted. The poet emphasizes on how the deity is ‘not dead’, he has been given a new chance at life, painting the people here as saviors of the gods of others. Bhatt brings out the diversity of different values held by the people here in India. The people are open minded; they appreciate different types of deities and ideas and are not staunch about their views, letting all ‘roam freely’. ‘Snakes or monkeys’, the people here respect both equally, the good and the evil. The poet seems to view this as one of the finer aspects of the Indian culture by using a metaphor here by comparing snakes and monkey to god showing that in India animals are respected as gods. The people here believe that the gods are ‘disguised’ in their surroundings, so their culture ascribes them to respect everything around them. The poet appreciates how strongly respect for others is embodied in this culture, even above oneself. A ‘book’ is an object of reverence in this culture and so an
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