Where Has the Good Marketing Gone? Essay

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* Article Summary This article is about how good marketing seems scarce these days. The author speaks about the difference between companies that incorporate good marketing strategies (Apple) and those who do not (other companies). He explains that good marketing shows the consumer what they cannot do without the product or service. If they have something similar to the product or service, the consumer is made to feel that their version is inadequate compared to the version being advertised. The author goes on to explain that much of Apple's marketing success is thanks to the fact that their marketing team works in step with their product development team to help showcase the new developments, as well as tap into the emotions of the consumers. All of this helps define the way that the consumer feels about the product or service. * How and why is the material important, and relevant, to the course content? This article is relevant to the course content because it talks about how to market to your target audience correctly. This entire course revolves around advertising and public/consumer relations. In this article, the author speaks about the importance of keeping relations strong with your consumers by keeping them up to date with new products. The author also refers to the importance of keeping relations with consumers strong by talking about continuously giving them a better product or service; one that makes them feel the need to upgrade. * What practical managerial implications does the material have? The article gives a great example about good marketing by a huge, successful company: Apple. Though the article is short, it gives a great perspective about the fall of marketing. Commercials today are entertaining, funny, and even offer recurring characters and storylines. However, many of them lack the material that makes the

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