Where Does Becket's Honor Lie?

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Where does Becket’s Honor lie? Peter Glenville’s Becket is the story of the relationship between Thomas Becket and King Henry II. The relationship between Becket and King Henry began as one of friendship, which then developed into a cold hatred one. Thomas Becket knows that his loyalty as Archbishop of Canterbury should lie with God, but is torn between serving God and serving his King, trying to give each one equal honor. As a noble man, Becket's loyalty is toward King Henry. Becket is a close friend of King Henry and would follow every command that he gave him: “While [Thomas Becket] wears the seal of England, [his] duty is to the king,” but Henry knew that “[Henry] would put a knife in [his] back.” Becket’s honor for Henry is shown when Becket gave Guinevere to Henry. Even though Becket loved her deep down, his honor to his king was stronger. King Henry gives Becket the title of Archbishop of Canterbury who anticipates conflict in serving both his king and serving God. Becket knew that there would be complications between him and the king. After receiving the title of Archbishop, “[he] started to love the honor of God.” He quickly realized this and gave up the seal of England, showing that “[his] duty to the king” was over. As Archbishop of Canterbury Becket’s loyalty shifted towards God, just as he predicted, infuriating his king. Becket begged Henry not to do this several times because “Once the miter rests on the Archbishops head, he will not be on the king’s side.” Henry tossed this aside and still made Becket Archbishop. Henry grew furious knowing that Becket was loyal to God now and not
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