Where Did North American People Come From?

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HIS 115 week 1 assignment Long before Europeans first set foot on the American Continent, North and South America were inhabited by Native Americans. But where did these people come from? If the theory of where man originated tells us that man came out of Africa then did these people come from Africa, or somewhere else? Historians tell us that North and South Native Americans were nomadic hunters that crossed from Siberia over the Bering Strait approximately 10,000 years before Columbus landed on Hispaniola. These first people migrated to the North American continent around 35,000 B.C.E. During this time period, the world was experiencing a pre-historic glacial period which resulted in huge amounts of the world’s water beginning frozen over. Additionally, sea levels dropped so dramatically that areas such as the Bering Strait became grassy plains. The Bering Strait for all purposes became a land bridge that enabled humans and animals to cross over into grassy Alaska from Icy Siberia.…show more content…
On the upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner of the map are three distinct Coats of Arms. On top the two Coats of Arms are representative of the 1559 Treaty of Cateau Cambresis between Spain and France. The two Coats of Arms depict the relationship between Spain and France after the signing of the treaty that for all intensive purposes ended nearly thirty years of conflict in Western Europe between not only Spain and France, but also England. The image also shows the relationship between both Spain and France as a result of the marriage between King Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth of Valois, who was the daughter of King Henry II of France. The other Coat of Arms on the bottom of the map is that of the Portugal. Also shown next to the Coat of Arms is Portugal’s fleet. These images shown in strength off the coast of Africa represent Portugal’s dominance in Southern

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