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Is college for everyone? Education all comes together in some way, shape or form. Many choose to believe that teenagers go to school to become more educated and more independent. Others believe they go to college to escape from their everyday life. More and more teenagers are just being told to go either by a parent or an elder because it is good for them. In the essay, Where College Fails Us. Caroline Bird states, “college has never been able to work its magic for everyone.”(168) That’s why I agree with Bird, college is not for everyone and college does fail us. I will point out issues discussing important matters and compare them with Bird’s essay, “where college fails us.” College has become a very important issue to parents and elders. They want what is best for them, so they are willing to do whatever it takes to force the teenager into a new environment, such as college. The unhappiness and discontent of young people is nothing new, and problems of adolescence are always painfully intense. (Bird 169) I agree, I believe that there are billions of teenagers that are sad, some that don’t even want to be at school. That’s how I feel the majority of…show more content…
That is the question many students, parents, and teachers ask themselves. And I believe that it is not, and that’s why I agree with Bird when she says, “College is an ideal place for those young adults who love learning for its own sake, who would rather read than eat, and who like nothing better then writing research papers.” (Bird176) College does make an individual a better person all around because of all the responsibilities that are given to them. But parents and elders do play an important role in getting their child to a college because they believe that it is good for them. All in all money can be stopping the student as well. There are many problems that interfere with a teenager and their education and that is why I agree with the title of Bird’s essay, “where college fails

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