Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Character Analysis

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Diana Artishuk ENGWR 301 Scheinder February 13, 2011 Essay#1 Word Count 1,056 Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Connie is the main character in Joyce Carol Oates Where Are You Going Where Have You Been? She is a fifteen-year-old girl, just realizing her beauty. It is summer vacation, and she is spending her time either with boys or daydreaming about them. Connie is a typical teenage girl with a desperate need for independence. Connie fit into the stereo typical role of a teenage girl, like most of them do. She is completely focused on her looks and receiving the attention of the attractive, older boys. Throughout the story, the reader gets a chance to not only see Connie’s physical and social sides, but her emotional side as well. Connie’s physical characteristics are that of a normal fifteen year old girl. She was described as having long, dark, blond hair that she wore “…part pulled up on her head and puffed out and the rest she let fall down her back”…show more content…
The three main focuses were Connie’s physical, social, and emotional characteristics. Connie had the traits commonly found in a fifteen year old girl. Although she was just a girl, she was faced with a serious, adult situation near the end of the story. Connie had to finally stop acting like just a girl and start acting like the young women she had always wanted to be. Where are you going Where have you been” is a descriptive story that reads like a movie in your head. It displays how today teenagers feel. Many adolescents want to grow up way to fast. On the other hand, many adults are wishing they were young again. In this story Connie displays the typical teenager and Arnold Friend represents adulthood. Connie was mixed with emotions not knowing where she wanted to be, with this lack of confidence it breaks Connie, and she falls to adulthood way too
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