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Brad Instructor English 1102 September 7, 2011 Protagonist Contrast Essay After reading both short stories, “How I Meet My Husband” by Alice Munro, and “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, the protagonists, Edie and Connie, are fifteen years of age that differ from each other. The authors present their differences by family relationship, interest in men, and the major decision they ultimately make. These differences result in the path each girl takes that will decide their fate. The family relationship between Edie and Connie is an obvious difference. Edie has a strong and respectful relationship with her family, were as Connie is self centered and does not show much respect. Edie is taught to be well mannered and polite to everyone, even thought we know her real views and how the relationship with her mother influence them. A good example is when Mr. Peebles is explaining how Mrs. Peebles needs “a girl for help” (Munro 127) because “she felt tied down, with two children, out in the country. “I guess she would”, my mother said being polite, though I could tell from her face she was wondering what on earth it would be like to have only two children and no barn work, and then to be complaining” (Munro 127). Another example of Edie having a good relationship with her…show more content…
Her interest in Arnold Friend is different. Arnold Friend is the one pursuing her. Arnold tries to present himself as teenager, even though he in much older, to appeal to Connie’s interest. Connie likes the way he is dressed. She tries to show little interest in Arnold at first because “she couldn’t decide if she liked him or if he was just a jerk” (Oates 474), plus, she doesn’t know anything about him. Connie figures out that Arnold is much older and becomes afraid and uncomfortable talking to Arnold. She threatens to call the police if Arnold and is friend do not

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