Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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People today have been inundated with a Disney enhanced definition of fantasies that end well. Although many elements of a story will category itself to fit a label, would a fantasy be better than a reality? Joyce Carol Oates short story, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? is about a 15 year old daydreamer named Connie who is obsessed with her appearance, music, and boys. A man named Arnold Friend shows up and manipulate Connie into a real life fantasy. By using Connie’s escapist mind, the things she loves, Oates puts Connie in a strange predicament. Arnold Friend uses his words, mysterious ways, and shared values to attract Connie. It starts when Arnold Friend uses his mysteriousness to make himself known to Connie. During a date with a friend as she is feeling so happy and alive, Connie notices something a few feet away from her. “It was a boy with shaggy black hair, in a convertible jalopy painted gold. He stared at her and then his lips widened into a grin” (Oates 2). Arnold Friend is starting to show fish out his prey, Connie. He is watching her, and as one would Connie feels his eye and looks his way. Although Connie is with someone else she finds herself looking his way., “… but she couldn’t help glancing back and there he was still watching her. He wagged a finger and laughed and said, ‘Gonna get you, baby’ and Connie turned away again…” (2). Arnold Friend’s creepiness catches Connie off guard. Then he makes it creepier because of his statement. Through this encounter Arnold Friend’s mysteriousness begins the alluring of Connie. After the first encounter, Arnold Friend uses his words to bait Connie in. Arnold Friend shows up at Connie’s house to get her to be more interested in him. “’I ain’t late, am I?’ he said. ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ she spoke sullenly, careful to show no interest or pleasure, and he spoke in a fast,
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