When your true colors come out

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1/22/09 People judge one another by their actions not their intentions. When people are at time of challenge or controversy their intentions may be the same, but their actions are not. When measuring a person one should not just take into consideration the actions of a man under stress. The other half that is needed to have the ultimate measure of a man his actions under peace. First if someone is in a altercation or challenged, their actions are diverse from when they are stress free. Also when a person is stressed the brain is affected greatly, your frontal lope has much less activity, which controls emotions and your personality. Your emotion and personality is what drive ones actions. Because of this it is our brain says flight or fight when under the spot light. Bill Clinton was impeached because of the controversy over his affair. When rumors of the scandal reached the news, Clinton publicly stated, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." Months later, Clinton admitted that his relationship with Lewinsky was "wrong" and "not appropriate." When Clinton was under pressure his actions were to lie and save himself from impeachment. People don’t judge him because of him lying while under the spotlight as much as the fact that he had an affair. People say ones true colors comes out when in challenged or questioned, but Bill Clinton didn’t lie because it was his true colors he lied because it natural instinct to save himself. In sum it is not fair to judge peoples actions when they are stressed because it more their instinct then decision. On the other hand when a person is in a carefree situation they tend to act without thinking of the consequences. For a person this may be the best time to judge one. Because the brain lets ones true colors and personality come out. When a person is in an awkward situation they will think before they
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