When You ShouldnT Tell It Like It Is

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People have been lying for years from teenagers to polititioners. Lying is a bad thing to do and it is even discouraged in the bible, but there is an exception, kind of. Just picture a girl, for example, they’re always worrying about their weight. Say your friend, that’s a girl, comes up to you and asks if she’s fat. You’re not going to say yes even if she is fat, you’re going to lie, “no your not fat at all”, you would say. I have had to lie many times in ordeals of the same subject. For example, I am a very nice person to people and treat them like they want to be treated. That person sometimes isn’t a person that I want to hang out with and me being nice to them makes them very clingy and want to hang out with me more. They start to call me and ask if I want to do something with them. I constantly have to make up excuses and lie about why I can’t instead of just telling them the truth. Its better to tell the truth most the time but in some cases its better to tell a lie, which is explained in the article, “When You Shouldn’t Tell It Like It Is”, by Deborah Tannen. There are three different ways of lying stated by Tannen which are direct, indirect, and the type of language a person uses. Direct lying is seldom used people use this method because they think, “the only purpose of language is to convey information that should be stated outright”(Tannen 1). Another way of lying is indirect which is used when a person does not want to tell the truth to another person because the truth might hurt their feelings, but Tannen explains that people who are direct to others will be hurt by a persons indirectness more than if they were direct to them (1). The last way of lying explained by Tannen is the use of language and the right wordage to use. Sometimes using different words help the situation at hand. Tannen concludes that the use of direct is encourages

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