When Writing Goes Bad Essay

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When Writing Goes Bad Micheal Lyon ENG121: English Composition I (PTD1502W) Candy Henry Feburary 8, 2015, When Writing Goes Bad I take pride in turning my life around and getting my life in balance again. This is why you never let things bring you down. Never give up no matter what. I do everything possible for me to stay on track and focused. This is mainly because of my great support group. Without them I would not have made it this far. One reason my life is out of balance is because of an incident that happened while I was in high school. That is what I feel has ruined learning for me. I use to love to write, stories, poems, songs, and essays. Writing was never an issue for me. I was published while I was in grade school by writing a poem and winning a contest. Once my high school English teacher found out, she begged and begged for me to bring her some of my work so that it could put into the school newspaper. Futhermore, I did not really want to because I was not comfortable sharing that side of me to my whole high school. Eventually I gave in and brought her all my work. I had about 8 years of all my writings in a 3 ring binder. She asked me if she could hold on to it, which was dumb on my part. I should of gave her copies instead of my original documents to print in the school paper. About 3 weeks later I asked if she had found any she would like to print in the paper and she acted like I never gave them to her. She said I had not given her anything and acted like I was crazy. I am not accusing her of stealing them, maybe she lost them. But at least say something like, “I’ll look around maybe I misplaced them.’’, I do not know why but this really bothered me. I started skipping her class. I started skipping other classes. Then slowly I just stopped showing up all together. This is something I regret doing but I

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