When Value Came to Town Essay

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Another monthly report has been finished with everything looking good for IT. There's great velocity with lots of points being completed. Willy the CEO is concerned as the last email from Jackie, the CFO, challenges the report: “I know the IT teams are busy... Busy doing what exactly? Can we please get the features we asked for completed, potentially saving hours of work every month – Jackie.” RJ, the CTO, and Jackie meet-up and have the following conversation “Right, what's the issue, Jackie?” “Looking at the report this morning enraged me. '180 points in the last sprint, team's velocity is on the rise' that's great, but where is value back to business?” All my teams have been asking for is a number of small changes every time they get given to the dev teams never gets done because the changes are seen as trivial” replied Jackie. Teams want to do features that have been scored high, btw we don't really understand how things get scored. Colin from Value Driven Software is called in to help out. He points out that everything is measured in terms of points committed vs actual, noting that 3rd parties are doing 20% more that the native teams. Colin asks Jackie, what she thinks, teams are cherry picking and gaming the points. With the 3rd parties, we pay on milestones based on delivering points if they don't meet the quota we fine them. RJ said yes, this looked like the most cost effective way, but I feel Colin is going to explain otherwise. Retrospectively assigning value to each feature which one has the highest value to finance, Jackie pipes up instantly the end of month report for damaged stock based on the supplier. Its provide an overall cost as well as quality metric for the suppliers, which helps us providing the best product to the customer. A lot of the issues appear to be how we store and ship goods. We believe less than 10% happen after the

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