When to Give a Child a Cell Phone

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What Age Do You Give Your Child a Cell Phone? Giving a child a cell phone has great implications that parent’s don’t often realize. Delaying giving a cell phone for as long as you can is good path to follow and waiting until the child is at least in middle school is an even a better choice. There is the obvious consideration of cost, which really doesn’t require further discussion. More importantly, parents should consider three main factors: cell phones aren’t toys, they are a distraction, and they must be used properly. First of all, cell phones aren’t toys, and to child ten years or younger view most of their possessions as toys. Toys get dropped, tossed, and lost. Secondly, the phone is mobile so it becomes a constant companion to your child which adds a new level of distraction to most activities. When eating dinner, doing homework, and even playing with their friends, a child will stop to answer a call or text message, young children don’t need any additional distractions in an already fast-paced, techno-crazed society. Proper use is a third factor for consideration in delaying the giving of a mobile phone. Your child needs to be old enough to understand when it is and isn’t okay to use their phone, and not to freely give their phone number out; the danger here should be obvious. Opponents of giving elementary age children a cell phone may argue that the phone helps them keep tabs on the kids. The use of electronic devises to track young children probably means the parent is allowing too much freedom or unsupervised activities at too young an age. Others may argue that mobile phone provides a level of safety in the event of an emergency. They may contend that despite best efforts children still become separated from their parents in crowded areas, like an amusement park. Realistically, most families vacation one to two times a year; the cost of a cell
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