When the Buddha Left the Palace Essay

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When the Buddha left the palace When Buddha left the palace for the first time he saw things he had never seen before. Firstly, he saw a very old man. Secondly he saw a very sick man. Thirdly he saw a corpse and thought that it was a sleeping person. Lastly he saw a holy person. When he saw these things he was in shock. He had never been in the outside world and he got everything he ever wanted, possibly even more. His father had kept him away from the life outside and made sure that nothing in the palace was different. But when he went outside and saw all the things that were sick, poor and dying he was in shock. He had never seen anything like it before in his life. The Buddha may have felt a little sad that he did not know any of this and maybe a bit sorry for everything he saw. He could have also felt a little betrayed as his father had kept all of this away from him so that he knew nothing. However he may have also regretted his choice of leaving the palace in the first place, he had such a wonderful life but then he went outside and saw all the bad things in life. One of the reasons why the Buddha may have left the palace in the first place is because he got bored. Even though he had everything he wanted, because he had done everything already, he wanted to go outside to try something new. He may have also felt like he was trapped inside the castle and felt as if he had nowhere to go, like a prisoner. Another reason why he could have left the palace is because he was wanted to go against his dad for once to see what would happen. Or, he could have been curious and wanted to see what the outside world looked like, or wanted to compare his palace with the outside

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