When Technology Goes Bad

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When Technology Goes Bad Nick Newman Liberty University Abstract Technology has been growing very quickly worldwide which creates many opportunities and benefits. However, there have been illnesses and injuries linked to an overuse of technology. The more technology becomes popular, the more it is becoming accepted in society. Technology is basically a necessity in the modern age. People should be educated more about the technology they are using and taught how to properly use it without it negatively effecting health. Employers now have the responsibility of making sure their employees are using equipment and technology correctly. It is their job to maintain a good and safe working environment. When Technology Goes Bad Technology plays a big role in today’s work place, which can end up causing problems to employee health. Technology has advanced and become very beneficial to many different work places. Even at home or just not at work; there is technology everywhere and it is only becoming more important to society. This does not necessarily mean it is the best for everyone. Prolonged computer usage can cause work-related illnesses that can be severe. Doing something for too long is known to cause troubles, especially when it comes to technology. According to Jin, technology (2014) has become very popular and used at will to make things more convenient; but studies have shown that technology might not be like it is advertised, as it has caused physical and mental problems, workplace issues, and problems in society. Summary Today’s workforce is more efficient and productive with technology but there seems to be more work-related illnesses and injuries due to prolonged PC use at the workplace. There are many different things that can occur to someone who uses technology too much such as eye, back, neck, wrist, and shoulder problems. This generation
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