When People Have Sensory Loss

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When people have any sensory loss, their mobility and communication are greatly affected. There are some positives outcome that can have an impact on individuals that are suffering from sensory loss. On some people other senses can become more sensitive and perform better, for example their sense of smell or feeling of touch can improve. The negative effect of this can make it difficult for individuals to maintain self-esteem and can destroy their confidence, with the result that they will attempt less, rely on other people and potentially lose their independence. Any type of sensory loss can cause individuals to experience the ways in which society treats them differently. People often believes that any type of sensory loss also reduces people’s capacity to understand. For example, when eating Mrs M needs help cutting with her food because she can't see properly and every time one of the other service user say something about it she will stop and refused to eat. So every time its meal time we try to cut her food before giving it to her and using a plate that has a guard so she can easily eat without problems or interruptions. For people with sensory loss, services are planned in a way that gives them control over the services they need to support them. Here in Greenview we help them take control of their lives by doing the centered planning approach. It gives them the chance to decide: what support they need, how they want the support to be delivered, whom they want to deliver the support and when they want the support. Sight loss When meeting a person who has poor eye sight or who is blind it is important that you introduce yourself. Also if you have someone with you make sure that you introduce that person so that they are aware of who is there. It’s also a good idea to let them know where the person are, either by your side or standing in front or to the
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