When Nature Is Not Nurtured Essay

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One can argue that the path of ones life is determined not by them-self, but is predisposed by both their nature and the means by which their nature is nurtured. Both nature and nurture play an important role in any human-beings life. Ones nature is predisposed to the person by their parents. Before humans even have a chance at life, most of who they are and will become has already been chosen. Luckily, who one is and who one becomes does not only depend on their nature, but the way that their nature is nurtured. Depending on the approach of nurturing ones nature, the nature can become good and develop, stay the same, or become worse. My theory of nature being nurtured can be applied to Richard Kuklinski and the type of life that he lived- that being: a life behind bars. The following paragraphs will explain how from examining the way Richard Kuklinskis nature was nurtured, one can see the root of his psychological problems that lead him to the violent and abusive life he lived. The New Oxford American Dictionary describes the term nature like such: “inborn or hereditary characteristics as an influence on or determinant of personality.” In other words, ones nature determines ones personality and is quite frequently passed on by the persons parents. Kuklinskis interview with the psychiatrist thoroughly discussed his upbringing and home-life. While at home, Kuklinski was abused both mentally and physically on a regular basis by both his mother and his father. It is obvious that his parents abuse deeply affected him both consciously and unconsciously. For example: in the interview, Kuklinski only referred to his parents by their first names instead of recognizing them by ‘mother’ or ‘father, indicating a loss of respect to his parents (consciously). At one point in the interview kuklinski goes as far as to need to pause to remember his mothers name, indicating that

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