When Life Is Death Essay

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When Life is Death Of all the things in the world, death is the only guarantee that we have no matter how many guarantees we hear over our lifetime. Coaches may promise playing time or teachers promising that a language will be fluent but there are no promises that both these things will happen. The only promise we have in our life is the moment we come into the world there will be a time when we are taken out of the world. Although, we may not know when that time may be there is an alternative solution; if an individual is dealing with a life threatening or chronic disease and is only alive through medication or a machine. We believe that the individual has the decision, if capable and mentally sound, to determine if they are to suffer longer by living or die peacefully knowing that they have reached their end. The right to die has become prominent because of self determination, the positive view of death and by the ones that are qualified to consider them to have the right to die. Self-determination is a primary principal underlying social work practice and social workers in health care settings can use it as a guiding principal in decision making with their clients (NASW, 1997, 2004). Since the 1970s, a right to die movement has been advocating for changes in laws regarding a coordinated civil rights movement comprising 40 organizations in 26 countries. These organizations uphold the principal that individuals have a right to make their own decisions regarding the amount of medical care they want and the circumstances and timing of their death (Humphry and Clement, 2000). With organizations backing the individuals in “no hope” situations with doctor bills and medications only rocketing up in price and in quantity, individual’s do have a self determination to just be done with it all and rather die with dignity than with an ailing illness only causing them to
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