When It Comes to Getting an Education, I Am Just Like Everyone Else Essay

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When It Comes to Getting an Education, I am Just Like Everyone Else Just because people have a stereotypical “good family life” and up bringing, does not mean they will achieve educational success beyond high school. As a child, I was always in some type of extra curricular activity. My mom liked to keep my brothers and I busy. My parents had a saying in high school, “either do a sport, or get a job. Because none of you will be latch key kids, and you won’t be hanging out around the streets until night falls.” My parents focused mostly on sports growing up, rather than education. Although my father was a college graduate and ex teacher, he was also an ex professional athlete, hall of famer, and high school coach. Because my parents never taught me that education is key, I never really focused on getting good grades in high school. I just did the minimum to maintain my 2.0 grade point average in order to keep cheerleading at school. I did not know how important it was to go to college, therefore I goofed around my first two years wasting every minute of my time there. Now that I am older and trying to further my education beyond high school, I am finding it much harder eleven years later, rather than when I was fresh out of high school still living at home in 2002. With no financial or mental family support, no time to study because of having to work and go to school, and being barely able to focus once I am at school, it is difficult to keep pressing forward to achieve my goal of becoming the first female to graduate college in my family. Reading Anna-Maria Petricic’s “Knowledge Is Power” and Steven Cortez’s “How College Can Tear At the Very Soul of a Latino Family” reminds me that I am not the only person who has dealt with numerous set backs through life that have made furthering my education beyond high school difficult. Like Steven Cortez, I have no

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