When Is It Too Young to Exploit Young Girls?

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When is it too Young to Exploit Young Girls? Everywhere we look there are advertisements, television shows and radio commercials that go against or for body image that goes towards children. For example, on the show on TLC “Toddlers and Tiaras”, I saw a mother put a padded bra on her six year old daughter, and another forcing her eleven year old daughter to wear a corset as she said, "It doesn't matter if you can breathe or not! It only matters if you look beautiful!” A lot of how the media looks affects how everyone looks at them or how they will do it to their children. Eating disorders are on the rise for the children and teens. A lot of advertisements feature young children in their ads, but mainly it’s the little girls that cause uproar. An example of such is certain advertisements that have the little girls wearing tiny bikinis or when they introduce them to thongs. What is that telling everyone; that young girls need to start looking sexy way before they even grown into their bodies. At the same time, advertisers target adolescent boys when they feature ads of young boys, they have them all looking grown with suits, ties, and anything that makes them manly. In “Never Just Pictures”, they go upon how after shooting the movie Clueless, Alicia Silverstone went back to her curvy self and was automatically called the fat girl. Or when Kelly Clarkson was super skinny and then comes back with a new album, with her curvy figure, she was called fat, “she let herself go” etc. So what does that show the young girls when they see famous celebrities getting put down for their curvy figure? Tells them that the only way they can be pretty or happy is when they are super skinny. So that is when all the eating disorders start and it also starts the potential suicides if they get to mentally crazed. “Perfect girls, Starving Daughters”, stories like this one is

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