When i Was Little

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The Past Can Differ the Future When I was little, I was the sweetest girl. I was happy, carefree, and enjoyed life. I had tons of friends that were like family to me. Then some things happened that changed me completely. By the second grade I had some problems with controlling my anger. I was mean to all my friends and just an all around bully. I guess I wasn’t mean to everyone, just the people I thought were wrong or the people that would talk about me behind my back. All my friends were scared of me, and I went to the councilors quite a bit. It wasn’t so much like that in the first grade, or kindergarten. I’m not sure why it all hit in the second grade, but it did. As soon as I went to third grade, I wasn’t as mean, but still not very nice. I changed schools because my teacher just wasn’t very nice to me; she picked on me and made me feel really stupid. The new school I went to was so much better than my other one and my teachers made me feel like I was worth something. I was slowly changing who I was for the better, and I was making real friends that I wasn’t mean to and that weren’t scared of me. I actually felt accepted somewhere and I loved it. I stayed with the same group of friends all throughout elementary school. By the time sixth grade came, I had to start all over again. I didn’t know anyone, or fit in at all. I wasn’t the bully anymore, I was the victim. All throughout sixth grade I had no friends. Having no friends kind of depressed me and I changed back to my old habits. I wasn’t happy or nice, I was just mean. It stayed that way all of sixth grade and almost all of seventh grade. In seventh grade I was bullied by my “friends”. It was like karma had come back to bite in the butt. Eighth grade was so much better; I had a boyfriend and real friends that I hung out with all the time. It changed my life completely. Half way through freshman year I met a
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