When I M Nana 1948, Part 2.19 Who Says This?

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MONTANA 1948 PART 1 1. “and that disappointed me at the time” pg 17 Who says this? Explain what they mean. David says this and by doing so he means that his dads job along with the disco weren’t very busy. 2. “If my father didn’t fit my ideal of what he should be in his occupation, he certainly didn’t fit my mother’s either” pg 19 Explain this quotation. This quotation refers to David’s father and how his mother had higher expectations of him and wanted him to be ‘fully’ himself. 3. “…a man who tried to turn two ways at once”pg 21 Who is this refering to? Explain what it means. This quotation refers to Davids dad, it means he was trying to impress everyone by taking the badge from his dad and his wife who wanted him to be himself not a Hayden. 4. “The…show more content…
As the second chapter begins, we see David begin to reconstruct his father’s investigation. We are reminded that the story of what happened that summer is largely hear say and deductions. How accurate do you suppose David’s conclusions are/ Do the three deductions presented give the reader confidence in his ability to discover the truth? Why/ why not? David’s conclusions are not entirely accurate, because his conclusions aren’t as accurate as they should be. 2. Ollie Young Bear’s role is slight why is he included? Ollie Young Bear is included because he is Indian, well respected and might have information on Frank Hayden. 3. What is important about the scene in the bowling alley on pg 59 What does it show about David’s father? It shows how that some Indians are well respected listened to. 4. What is the significance of the weather scene when David and his mother are temporarily banished from the house? David’s mother tells us that she doesn’t like the smell of the wind and that she cant get used to it, it adds another reason why she wants to leave Montana. 5. Pg 69 David’s grandfather is introduced for the first time. What sort of figure is he?

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