When I Look at You Essay

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when I look at you, I think of all the beautiful things in the world. the mountains in the east, capped with snow that turns pink, like candy floss, in the morning light. trees in the fall, their leaves ignited in feverish colors, caught in a swirling dance to the death with the wind, as they spiral to the ground. a stone, soft & smooth, bouncing off the surface of a pond or river, shattering the glass with tiny ripples. i think of the purple flowers that bloom behind our garage every spring, delicate and sweet, barely reaching above the grass line, slowly growing white and tall, stretching their petals up towards the sky, as the air begins to warm in early June. the clouds in the morning, as the sun begins to creep into the trees, burning the edges of the clouds an aurous cream, like the sky is pillowed with angel’s wings. the feeling in your chest you get when you climb to the top of a mountain, and look down over the valley, when your breath catches in your throat, and the light from the sun filters down through the clouds, and you can see their shadows sliding over the land, and if it’s early enough, the whole thing is tinged with a gauzy haze, the tiny droplets in the air make the whole thing like almost heavenly. then I look at you, I think of the feeling when you look up at the sky, or out a window while in the car or in class, and you catch a glimpse of an endless blue sky, or the endless infinity above you gives way to the twinkling stars of the galaxies, and you realize how beautiful the world is, and even though it’s all so big, it makes you feel warm and comfortable. safe. you feel like you’re home.

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