When Hackers Turned Backmailing Essay

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IT Doesn’ Matter Abstract Harvard Business Review has published an article called “IT Doesn’t Matter” Its Author Nicholas Carr argued that Information technology no longer gives businesses a competitive edge Carr called Information technology managers impatient, wasteful spending on the IT. Carr sees IT investment as vanishing advantage and compares IT as commodity like railways, cars and airlines in the commodization of IT . Author Claims that in recent years, Information technology has emerged rapidly and the power and ubiquity has grown tremendously and IT strategic importance has diminished. Carr concludes that since information technology no longer provides a competitive advantage to businesses, they should stop spending wildly on advanced information technology products and services This report analyzes Nick Carr views about IT and discusses about the positive and negative sides of the article. IT Doesn’ Matter IT Doesn’t Matter Review of the Article Nicholas Carr article has created a lot of discussions in the IT industry with nearly 400 articles citing his article "IT Doesn't Matter" published in Harvard Business Review in May 2003 (Google Scholar, 2007). The main crust of his article is that organizations should treat information technology (IT) as a commodity in which it should attempt to keep costs to a minimum, minimize vulnerabilities, and avoid risk-taking. By comparing information technology to other commoditized industries like the railroads and electricity, Carr attempts to convince his audience of executive management and IT leaders that IT's role within an organization should not be treated much differently than any other cost it seeks to minimize. Carr believes that organizations should not attempt to build competitive advantage through IT investment because advantages built with it are short-lived as the innovation spreads through the

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