When Ellie Began Chapter 1-3 Summary

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Chapter 1 1. The reason Ellie was chosen to write the groups history is because she is a good writer. 2. It was corries idea to go camping. 3. Robyn: * Fairly quite * Serious * She tried hard at school * Heavily into church stuff * She like to win * She liked sport Fi: * Graceful * She liked playing the piano * Lived in town she was a city girl Kevin: * Country boy * Older than the rest of them * He was corries boyfriend * He had a wide mouth and big hands * He had a big ego Lee: * Lived in town * He was Asian * Good at music and art * He would sulk if things did you his way Homer: * Wild and outrageous * Didn’t care what he did or anyone thought * He was always in trouble…show more content…
Fi’s backpack choices are so inappropriate because most of the things she packed you don’t need in the bush. 2. The importance of the hermit’s story at this point in the novel is to make hell sound scary. 3. Finding the bridge is a shock because the place is so isolated and no one ever comes up there. Chapter 3 1. The words that give the effect that the place is isolated are: Overgrown Old Chapter 4 1. Ellie’s reaction to the planes was that she was scared and told Fi that they were just planes coming back from commemoration day. 2. No they weren’t serious about their discussion of world war 3. 3. Homer tells Ellie he has feeling for Fi. 4. Ellie thinks about the names put on places and some of her examples are housing commission, private school, church, mosque and synagogue. She comes to the conclusion that people just look at the names and don’t look deeper to see what the place really is.
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