When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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This country has worked diligently to make sure all Americans have equal rights. Men and woman now have the same rights as each other. Both sexes can vote, make their own decisions, and be employed in whatever career field they choose. At the surface it appears that Americans have finally reached their goal for equality. However, there is a major concern inside of the workforce. On average men earn more money than woman working in the same career position. This should be an outrage to business women everywhere. On the other hand, the gender hierarchy starts way before men and women enter their career field. Unfortunately, in thier adolescent years, girls and boys are influenced to take classes that are deemed appropriate for their gender. Most students in parenting or home economics classes are female. Males densely populate the agriculture and mechanic classes. Susan Jacoby wrote “When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is a Waste of Time” She speaks of how math and science are considered masculine subjects. Jacoby feels that this stereotype causes smart girls to under achieve. All business careers are based in math science or both. If young woman are detoured from the education of math and science, there will be a tremendous restraint on the careers they can choose to take part in. Thus, one must change gender stereotypes in the schools,…show more content…
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2009 men working in Accounting and Auditing positions earned $1,190.00 per week. Women holding the same position earned $902.00 per week. There is a $288.00 gap between both sexes in weekly earnings. Accounting Male workers on average made $14,976.00 more a year in 2009 than female workers. Obviously, there are still inequalities in the workforce today. Workers in the business of accounting should earn their pay by their qualifications, experience, and work ethic, not by what sex they

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