When Are Endings Considered Beginnings Essay

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When Are Endings Considered Beginnings? It is funny how an opportunity begins as good, turns into bad so quickly. Doors opened for me to get back into a sales managerial job more than a dozen months ago. A verbal agreement was agreed upon and work began slowly. Soon after, conflicting statements, claims, and directives battered the fledging work relationship. Still, I considered it a golden opportunity to show my wares. I had small victories and a whole lot of work to do. Work was not difficult at all because it was retrofitted to suit me, or so I thought. Weeks became days and days became hours as work had stood still. More and more tasks were being assigned, most of which were not part of the general job description. I sought for an explanation. I got an audience with the managing partner. I thought it would be a chance to clear the air but I got new marching orders to maintain the fleet of trucks, go after the other bad debtors, hire more people. In the end, I got more confused. I dragged my rickety car everyday from Point A to Point B for 45minutes, and back 90 minutes. It became a chore to report for work knowing that there were issues with no decisive action plans. Some issues were urgent, while others necessitated more time and evaluation. While these issues remain unsolved, my job backlog rose 10 fold in less than 45 days. At times, I was gasping for air and trying to look for a lifeline somewhere. My co-workers were foot soldiers while I had to think out of the box and implement certain directives. As each probable solution was thumbed down by higher-ups, I was stuck with all the problems without any ray of light. It was dark. I had to move on. I lost a certain degree of self-esteem. It was a difficult time for me. I lost sleep. I lost my appetite for life. I became a sad and disappointed person. I worried about too many

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