When Antibiotics Quit Working Essay

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When the Antibiotics Quit Working Mora General Biology Professor Marusiak Abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify what an antibiotic is and figure out exactly why diseases that the science community has been trying to exterminate have been adapting and strengthening themselves against the medications that were designed to eliminate them. Understanding these diseases and how they are becoming immune is the first step in the battle to finding a cure for these various illnesses. We will also discuss how the abuse of these medications can contribute to the resistance of these diseases to their corresponding antibiotics. Imagine for a second that you’re feeling a little under the weather and you decide to make an appointment to see your family physician. He or she decides to prescribe you some antibiotics for your ailments and instructs you to make sure that you finish all of your medication and to call if you have any other symptoms. First of all, what did he give you? What exactly is an antibiotic and why did he prescribe it to you. Antibiotics are strong medicines that are used to treat infections, including life threatening contagious diseases (Family Doctor Editorial Staff, 2010) and he prescribed it because he believes that what ails you is an infection caused by bacteria and that the medication will assist in ridding your body of the bacterial infection. Doctors will not prescribe a patient antibiotics if he or she feels that you are suffering from a viral infection such as the common cold or the flu. The reason for this is that antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and they will have no effect on a viral infection, also in some cases antibiotics can do you more harm than good especially if your body grows an antibiotic resistance to the medication that you were prescribed. (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 2011). An

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