When and Where Are Sagging Pants Appropriate Attire?

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When and Where Are Sagging Pants Appropriate Attire? Situation Analysis Deshon Marman’s case was used to discuss in the article about when and where sagging pants are appropriate attire. The case took place in an US Airway flight, where Deshon was arrested due to failure to follow the airline employee’s instruction to pull his pant up. While the airline captain saw Deshon’s sagging pant was unacceptable as his buttocks were exposed, many others had different perceptions about this questionable style. The issue is considered as an unstructured problem, which is “novel and not covered by ready-made procedures because they occur infrequently or are very complex” (Osland et al., 2007, p.290). There was no clear instruction provided by the airline about proper attires when boarding. They saw Deshon’s sagging pants and probably thought that they were inappropriate. The crew then requested Deshon to pull his pants up. Since passengers are prohibited from interfering with the duties of a crewmember under federal law (FAA, June 21, 2012), a captain is authorized to insure that people are obeying orders in case of emergency and not causing any disturbance. It was the reason behind the airline’s decision upon Deshson, who failed to comply with an ordinary request because he believed that it was just his preferable style. However, different ideas were emerged from society regarding the motive of the airline’s decision. Some people thought that it was a racist behavior applied on a young black man by the airline crew. As Deshon’s attorney cited a situation in which a white man dressed in a women’s under garment was neither arrested nor received any complaint from the crewmembers, the NAACP chapter in San Francisco believed the incident reflected racism. “The NAACP, in no uncertain terms, contends that this young man was profiled”, said Dr. Amos Brown (Berton, 2011). In

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