When an Innocent Is Murdered Essay

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Taking into consideration that death is morally wrong; the killing of an unborn fetus is morally incorrect as well. Abortions, the destruction of an unborn human before it is fully developed, should be illegal in every state and country. Abortion seems to be justified because either a couple had a baby that they don’t have the capability of raising, a woman was raped, incest, or simply because of an unwanted child. Just because the child isn’t fully developed at the time of the abortion, people seem to use this as an excuse to commit a form of murder. One of the many reasons women decide to receive abortions is because the parent(s) don’t want to or are too young to take on the responsibility. Women and men are fairly young when they first become aware of their new born child coming into the world in a short 9 months. They do not know how to act or what to do about the situation so they become scared. They both are afraid that they might lose their future, their hopes, dreams, and themselves by just giving this little baby a life. So without thinking they go through with their decision about receiving the abortion before talking to their parents, family, or friends about their decision, and getting someone else’s opinion on the subject. Therefore, they gave up a very special gift they could have put into this world for another family to take care of. Secondly, medical issues might scare a couple and lead them towards abortion. Having a baby can be very dangerous, and others do not want to risk their lives thinking something might go wrong with them or their baby. “Because every person is different, one woman's emotional reaction to an abortion may be different from another's. After an abortion, a woman may have both positive and negative feelings, even at the same time. One woman may feel relief, both that the procedure is over and that she is no longer pregnant.

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