Whats Wrong with Timmy

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1. Bibliography: Shriver, M. (October 16, 2001). What’s Wrong with Timmy?. Boston New York London: Warner Books and Little, Brown, and Company AOL Time Warner Companies 2. Why you chose the book: I chose this book because it focuses on disabilities and shows the reader how alike disabled children and not disabled children are. They also have the same goals in life. Many children don’t realize how normal disabled children actually are, they think of them as weird or “not like us.” The focus of this book is Anti- Bias. I found the book at the one -dollar bookstore, I was looking around and I saw it displayed on a shelf and thought it would be perfect for the book share. I chose it because of the related books on http://www.childpeacebooks.org/cpb/Protect/antiBias.php. 3. Summary of book: Kate was at the park with her mother one day and noticed a boy named Timmy playing basketball by himself. She asked her mom why he looks different and what is wrong with him. Kate’s mother explained to her that he is mentally disabled, but still has the same goals in life. She also explained to Kate that they had a lot in common and took her to go meet Timmy. She was scared at first and then she realized how nice and “normal” he is despite his disabilities. She Invited Timmy to go play with her and her friends. At first her friends were quiet and didn’t want Timmy to play with them. Kate decided she didn’t care what her friends thought and went to play ball with Timmy. Shortly after her friends joined and all met Timmy and became friends. 4. Criteria: The criterion is to inform the reader that although children have disabilities they need to be treated the same as normal children. Many children get bullied because they are viewed as different, but little do they know that they were born with disabilities. Children with disabilities may need help when it comes to schoolwork or
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