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Svend Hollensen / 1st August 2013 Hollensen: Global Marketing, 6th edition, Pearson, 2014 Front and backcover: What’s new in the sixth edition? The ‘mantra’ of the new edition is ‘Glocalization’. The international marketers can utilize the synergies of both being ‘local’ and ‘global’ at the same time. Another important aspect of the new edition is the strengthening of the Web 2.0 theme (social media, e-commerce etc.), which is now incorporated in all the chapters and in many of the cases and exhibits. The book is still structured around the well-known stages that SMEs go through when they internationalize: The book’s chapters and cases are totally updated with newest journal articles and company information. Besides that, the following new issues are introduced in the single chapters: * Chapter 1 – The concept of providing customer value through the product value chain and the service value chain is now extended by adding ‘Customer experiences’ as value generator. This new section (1.8 Global Experimental Marketing) is building on the new trends in the global ‘Experience Economy’, and further illustrated with cases throughout the book, e.g. Case 3.1 Zumba and Case 7.1 Cirque du Soleil * Chapter 2 - De-globalization trends are now better explained and illustrated . New triggers for internationalization are added. * Chapter 3 – A new revised definition of ‘Psychic Distance’ is added. Furthermore the internet-based ‘Born Global’ and the use of ‘Hybrid sales channels’ are discussed. Also firms classified as Born-again Global and Born Regional are further explained, as a supplement to the Born Global Concept. * Chapter 4 – Introduces the concepts of ‘Strategic Groups’ and ‘value net’. As a supplement to the Diamond model, also the ‘Double Diamond’ model is introduced. Also a special CSR section based on the ‘Shared value’ concept

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