What´s Hypnosis?

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2248 words What Is Hypnosis? 1 This essay will attempt to explain what hypnosis is by discussing the technical processes used and some physical and psychological changes that occur to a subject when they are hypnotised. Some common myths and truths surrounding hypnosis will be explored as well as a brief history of hypnosis being told, including how it started and developed into a professional therapy that is used today. The potential for hypnotherapy to alleviate illness, change behaviour and work as a mind and body inclusive therapeutic treatment will be explored. Where hypnosis, as an alternative therapy stands with gaining acceptance from the medical model and it being offered as an NHS treatment will be discussed. The…show more content…
Franz Mesmer and his ideas and practices are where the term 'mesmerised' comes from. During the late 1800's an English physician James Braid (1795 - 1860) gave mesmerism a scientific explanation believing mesmerism to be a nervous sleep, he coined the word hypnosis which derives from the Greek word Hypnos, meaning sleep. Hypnosis has developed over the years and is today a therapy offered by hypnotherapists who are affiliated to organisations such as the National Hypnotherapy Society and have to follow a code of ethics ensuring rigorous practices are adhered…show more content…
Hypnosis is a psychological and physical or mindbody inclusive therapeutic treatment which facilitates relaxation which is integral in helping to prevent illness and change behaviour. Hypnosis has great potential to un block or change negative emotions by working directly with our internal communication system where messages are transmitted cell to cell. PNI studies have shown that neuropeptide receptors are present on both the cell walls of the immune system and brain and that they work together as a single system of defence against illness. Scientists have stated that our thinking has a direct effect on our physical health and that we can to some extent literally think our selves well or unwell. Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion during the trance state induced by the hypnotic induction to make subjects feel positive and healthy

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