Whats Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

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The movie I chose for this project is called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I chose this movie because I had seen this movie in the theaters when I was young and liked it. Having some education in social work I wanted to go back and watch this movie and use the skills I have to see this movie in a different light. The main character of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is Gilbert Grape himself, I chose him because there is more to him than you see from a first glance. There is a lot going on behind his flat affect, a person in great turmoil but hides it very well. Gilbert Grape lives in a town called Endora in Iowa, USA. He is in his early 20s and has many more responsibilities than most men his age. His father committed suicide, leaving Gilbert to be the head of the household. Gilbert's mother Bonnie or Momma has kept herself isolated from society for years following the death of her husband. Her children have assumed complete care for her, once thin and beautiful she is now morbidly obese after years of depression following her husband's suicide. Gilbert has two sisters Ellen and Amy, an older brother Larry who left after graduation and has little interaction with the family and a younger brother Arnie, who is intellectually disabled, was not expected to live as long as he has and is about to turn 18. Gilbert is the main provider of the family, working at a small grocery store in town barely making ends meat, and spending a majority of his time watching over and caring for Arnie. Gilbert is in charge of the care of his families dilapidated farm house, "my dad built the house it's my job to keep up with the repairs", which is a huge stress on Gilbert on top of caring for his family. Everything Gilbert does is for other people and he rarely gets a chance to do or think anything for himself. He is a giver, but he gives so much that he hardly gets to keep anything for

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