Whatever Is Needed "Paradise Lost" Essay

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Question 1: Define what is meant by information technology. ------------------------------------------------- Information technology is any computer based system that people use to support and enable their information and information processing needs. Question 2: What are the two principle components of information technology? 1- Hardware: Physical, tangible devices that form the computer. 2- ------------------------------------------------- Software: the set of programs and instructions that drive and manage the hardware. Question 3: Identify the different hardware components. 1- Output: display screen. 2- Input: mouse, keyboard. 3- Storage devices: hard disk, floppy disk. 4- Processing devices: CPU. 5- Connecting media: wired cables, wireless. 6- ------------------------------------------------- Telecommunication devices Question 4: explain briefly what is software and its categories and subcategories. Software is any program essential for the startup, control and management of the computer. It can be either system software, application software or programming software. 1- system software: a. Operating system software: is the most important program that runs on a computer. b. Utility system software: they help to manage, maintain and control computer resources. 2- Application software: is any program that a user needs to execute, manipulate and manage specific personal or organizational tasks. 3- ------------------------------------------------- Programming software: is software that assists a programmer in writing computer programs. Question 5: give some examples of utility software programs. 1- Virus scanning software. 2- Backup software. 3- Scandisk. 4- ------------------------------------------------- Disk defragmenter. Question 6: What are the differences between personal

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