Whatever Happened to Greece Essay

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“What has happened to Greece?” . A question which many Irish people and people around Europe have been asking themselves since the financial downturn back in the mid 2000’s. Everybody knows that Greece is now the worst off country in Europe but most of the population haven’t taken the time to find out why. People in Ireland are more concerned with what is going on here than to care about what is happening in Greece. Well, if you take the problems, job losses, asset repossession and corruption in Ireland and multiply that by 10 times, that is Greece. What was once regarded as one of the higher classes in Europe, one the countries that could contribute to being part of Europe, is now at the bottom of that scale. Greece’s current debt stands at 340 billion euro, 180 per cent it’s GDP (Fouskas 2013). That is twice the amount of Ireland’s debt which is constantly rising but at the moment stands at around 170 million euro (financedublin.com 2013). It is strange, that a country with such a great potential for a very profitable tourist industry, can be in such a bad way. With Athens being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, if not the world, to but one. There are many beautiful cities and resorts around the country to suit any holidaymaker. There is Crete and Kavas which the younger generation seem to have taken under they’re bleary eyed, jelly legged arms for party holidays. Let’s not forget Cyprus, which is also part of Greece, which tends to draw in the more relaxing holidaymakers, apart from Ayia Napa, which is another young people’s haven. We have to ask ourselves this question, where is all the revenue generated from this industry going. There is the conventional view that the political parties ruined the country, that is something we will be looking at, but also there a few other factors that led to Greece being in this situation that have less to do with the

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