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Since its very chartered day June 11 of 1997, Rotary Club of Pokhara is tremendously active for Providing Educational, Health, Water & Sanitation, Environmental Protection, World Peace and many more services with great enthusiasm and zeal right to the needed community. Rotary Club of Pokhara, already proved its existence with global fraternity of Rotary clubs spread more than 200 countries since last one and half decade through its competent leadership among diverse membership base. Besides very normal activities, Rotary Club of Pokhara has accomplished vivid social responsibilities by its dedicated members’ personal efforts and with partnership locally & globally. General Health camps, specific health camps like Eye, Child, Dental, Gynecology, Cancer detection & awareness, Polio & Disability awareness campaign, Wheelchair distribution, medical equipments distribution, Buffalo & goat distribution for micro income generating activities, safe Drinking water supply & sanitation, Micro Hydro power plant, establishment of Rotary Dialysis centre, are the noted projects, the club has accomplished, being involved and will be working continuously. Besides community projects the club is equally active in vocational trainings for livelihood & career development. As the club tremendously active in community benefits it is being equal ly active for in-house membership increments and development through family fellowship picnic and Nepal darshan. Program hosting & Involvement of District events and partnership with sister club abroad are the key channels of the clubs’ success. Hansapur Drinking Water system, constructed & renovation of more than 10 School Building Structures, Deep Boring water Supply of Gandaki Hospital, Micro Hydro power Project of Deurali-Annapurna Base Camp, Rotary Dialysis Centre at Manipal Teaching Hospital Pokhara, Guru Ananda Annapurna Sanctuary

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