What's Wrong with Zionism Essay

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Zionism. *When I see something wrong, I speak up about it* I will admit that I have not studied Zionism. To relate to something I have never seen is purely stupid. Usually. Almost always. Yet I have studied Christianity & I have studied Islamic, and I have studied everything around it, including Nazi-izm. My take, has always turned out, that it was never as bad as what was said about it, and CERTAINLY never as good as it was promoted. Yet, often, we are dealing with the OTHER side of history, and reflection is always 20/20. History books are written by the victors, and often they negate the good. Hitler's Germany is a good example. Nobody ever puts the "Great Depression" into the scenerio of the Nazi Regime. Nobody acknowleges that Germany was the FIRST to climb out of the "Great Depression". That point is negated. Always. Every time. Thoughout my life, I see, people who "paint all" for the bad of the few, and call it ALL bad, when in reality, it was only "some bad" & that the majority were working on something more humanitarian, more decent, more right, and more in tune with what anyone should be able to understand. So often, in my life, I have seen LABELS. You ARE a. Well nobody is a. They might believe in some aspects of a. Yet they are not a. So, although I may be a neophyte on Zionism, I see it as evil, for what they lie about. If you lie, you are hiding something, and it is something you do not want to be revealed. Nazi's never did that. They were quite up front. Capitalists never do that. They will tell you exactly what they believe in. Yet again, we are dealing with LABELS. However Zionists are not Jews. Sure SOME of them claim to be Jews, and they try to get everybody to equate Jews with Zionism, and that is just not true. First of all, I doubt anyone is a "Total Jew" or even a "Total Zionist", but they seem to find some comraderality

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