What's Stifling Creativity at Cool Burst?

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"What's Stifling Creativity at Cool Burst?" What is stifling creativity at CoolBurst? CoolBurst retains an older organizational structure and has not progressed to appease the needs of clients, employees and work environment. The company continues to create products that have worked for them in the past, oppose to make improvements, adjustments or creating new products. CoolBurst does not think of innovation as a part of normal day to day business procedures. The team puts a high value on the traditional culture and because of the word traditional they tend to dismiss the innovative. They have missed some opportunity to be creative by being extremely rigid in the environment that they have created in the workplace. CoolBurst has to use creativity to motivate their team and expand beyond their normal comfort zone in order to grow. A substantial amount of CoolBurst management and employees have worked at the company for a long time and continue to tradition of the close minded work environment. The employment team does not have a diverse background or work history, so there lack of knowledge and exposure to other work environments enhances the company’s rigorous environment. There is lack of creativity in not only the work environment, but also in the problem solving that the company does. The company has become focused just on procedures and policies, oppose to new approaches to problem solving and growing within the market. This makes employees more concerned with the office politics than company success which will hinder the growth of any company. Anyone who questions the norm is out casted, even if the question are warranted and again this makes CoolBurst a company filled with drones and not active, participating members of a group that a has a common goal; company success. This stifles growth and makes the company stagnant and the ideas that the company

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