What's Overall Best for the Student

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What Overall is best for the Student? Over the years, some colleges have mandated a rule for freshmen to live in dormitories. One may believe living in a dorm is an essential stepping stone in one’s future, while another may believe it is the exact opposite. A dorm creates opportunities for young adults to make that successful transition from the parent’s house to one being on their own. The transition is not too great, meaning one would possibly not be as overwhelmed compared to living off campus. Living in dorm is highly recommended by higher authorities, they believe living in dorm increases one’s potential for success and happiness. Also, the dorms experience allows one to build values in an individual. College authorities recognizes these good outcomes, so they mandate students to live on campus to ensure everyone will receive the experience. However, in turn, one may believe college dorm rooms are not the best fit for young adults making the transition from home to independency. Students in general bicker and fight about common situations like roommates and obnoxious noises. These problems could possibly lead to the exact opposite of one’s potential to succeed. The environment may not be suited for ones needs and desires. Maybe the loud laughing, annoying running through halls, mind-boggling bed noises are not what may be best for the average learning student. Everybody has different living styles and needs. One may believe that living in the dorms is what every students needs and what is best for the student-body. However others may believe that living off-campus may be best, because of the independency and one’s ability to grow without the dorms flaws. College authorities do not know one’s needs but simply leave the decision based on statistics. Thus, given these two sides of the presented predicament, the student should have the authority to choose his

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