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ARNOLD FREDRICK GRAPE yesterday climbed the water tower once again and this time he has gone to jail. “I promise it won’t happen again, sir,” said Gilbert Grape, the brother of Arnold (Arnie), last week, when Arnie climbed the water tower for the 3rd time that week. “Alright,” replied the police officer, “but if it does happen again, he will go to jail.” Arnie finally reached the top of the tower at 3 o’clock yesterday; he was escorted down by crane and was taken to the station, by police car. We talked to Gilbert yesterday, after the ordeal. “I just got here too late this time. He just doesn’t understand that he can’t do things like this. He just loves to climb, and he loves it when people are looking for him. I think last week was just lucky, when I got him down by singing his favourite song, ‘match in the gas tank’. It was a close call though, when his shoe dropped off, I thought we had lost him forever.” After the statement, Gilbert broke down in tears, so we let him go. We also spoke to the town undertaker; we noticed that he turned up in his hearse, as soon as Arnie climbed higher and higher. We think that he thought he might have some business for once. He seemed quite excited, that someone might die. But unfortunately for him, Arnie is safe and sound in a cell at the local jail. But sorrow for his family. There is no talk of how long Arnie is going to be in jail for or whether he will be charged, but hopefully he has a better outcome. After this ordeal, the town was completely shocked, they knew that Arnie would climb the water tower again, but not make it to the top. A lot of people are blaming Gilbert for what happened; do you think this if fair? Also, while our photographer was taking photos of Arnie, up the tower, she overheard the townspeople talking. A lot of them thought that, “it was so unfortunate, what had happened. Arnie is such

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