What Words Can Not Say Essay

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What Words Cannot Say Humans on earth are powerful by what they Do, Say, or Hear. That’s what tells everyone around them who they are, and what they’re capable of. But What If? What if you lose one of your most powerful strength? What if you lose your Voice? That’s my mission for today. Today I am not saying a single word not at; school, bus, work or home. I hope that will help me understand at least a small part of what thousands of people are going through every day. Today’s Journey Monday December 19th 2011: * Wake up in the morning everyone’s asleep. i was ready to head to the bus, when my phone ringed, It was my friend Shay, i didn’t know whether I should answer her call or not, but I did and she was talking really fast telling me about what she did this morning, than she asked me: “did the bus leave yet”, no answer, “Nour are you there?”, no answer, “Nour are you okay”, Me: “mhmm.” How should I answer her? What should I do? I just hang-up and didn’t respond to her calls on that morning. * Started my day with a meeting, with Jamie Jonson, who helped me fill out my college application. The bell ringed and I was almost done, second bell ringed and I was saving my changes. I logged off my computer and tried to explain to her that I needed a pass for my next class, she didn’t understand me, thinking that I still have a question about college. I kept on trying but I could see that she was getting angry from her tone of voice. So I backed up, and did the Chinese way of saying thank you by bending my head down with a little smile. * Math analysis class, I come in late, she asks me: “do you have a pass?” I tried to explain she looked at me in an awkward way, her eyes where saying: “what the heck are you talking about?” so I smiled again, put my hands down, and sat at my desk. Students thought it was hilarious and they started copying me and the
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