What Will We Missing? Essay

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This essay is recorded from the video by Vsauce- What Will We Missing? The year 6009 will be the very first year since 1961 that a year when written in Hindu-Arabic numerals can be inverted and still look the same. But you and I probably won't live long enough to enjoy the year 6009. Human lives just aren't long enough. We will miss out on that......What are the other cool future events will we be......missing? Well, first of all, you and I will probably be gone before the completion of the Time pyramid(Zeitpyramide) in Wemding, Germany. It will eventually be a pile of 120 concrete blocks. But the builders are only adding one block every ten years. Since beginning in 1993, they have added only the first three. At this rate, the pyramid will be completed in the year 3183. The final block, placed by our great - great - great - great - great - great, more than thirty great's' grandchildren. But even they will miss an opportunity to frolick and play safely in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the zone of alienation, where radioactive contamination from the 1986 disaster remain at levels too high for safe human activity until......not the year 4000, not the 5000's,not the 6000's. It will finally be safe probably in the year 22,000, possibly within our lifetime. But definitely in the next one million years, stars like Betelgeuse and Eta Carinae will explode in brilliant supernovas, visible from Earth. I'm bumped. I'm probably gonna miss out on these events because for a few weeks it will look almost as if Earth has two suns. Despite being hundreds, thousands of lightyears away, their supernovas will shine brighter than the full moon at night and be visible even at daytime. But the real sky show comes in 3.75 billion years. Our galaxy is full of stars. Viewed from the surface of the Earth, they look like little drops of milk in the sky, which is why we called it the Milky

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