What Will a Man Do for Power?

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What will a man do for power? If that man does get power, how will he use his power? Everyone knows that a man with the wrong mindset does not need any power to his name. Macbeth, a Shakespeare play, is an exact definition of “corruption of power.” This man had all the characteristics of an evil mindset. In the play, Macbeth does everything he can to get power, and when he does get power he uses it in the wrong way. In the world today there are many people that would do anything for power just as Macbeth did. Shakespeare’s theme of his play was “corruption of power” and it gives us a great lesson to how power can be used for the wrong reasons. This theme that Shakespeare gives to us in his play is still relevant in todays world. Any man or women trying to gain power in the wrong ways has corruption. In the United States our corruption is held to a minimum because of all the officials holding each other accountable. Without these people holding each other accountable it is very easy for the government to become corrupt. An example of this in today’s world might be that of Osama Bin Laden. The leader of Iraq, a very corrupt man did everything in his power to become the leader. Once he became leader all he wanted was money and power. He kills anyone who tries to get in his way. The theme that Shakespeare gives us in his play is exactly what happened in Iraq. Shakespeare’s theme was letting us know that we need to have high standards for the person in power or else it will become corrupt as seen in his play. I believe that in our society today, that our nation has done a good job, for the most part, of keeping this nation uncorrupt. In the play, Macbeth, he starts off as a good man with good intentions of wanting power. His wife then leads him to side he didn’t necessarily want to go, but his love blinded him. He murders men for his power and at this point the

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