What Were They Thinking Essay

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Macy McLennan, Gruver Assist. Professor Ms. Taylor English 1301-06 10 December 2012 What Are They Thinking? We have all heard at one time or another that the world is going to end soon. Some say sooner than others but, will the world really come to an end? That is the question everyone else is asking. This question is becoming more and more frequent. December twenty second of this year, when the world is still revolving and people are still going on with their busy lives, the person, who decided he/she would go public with his/her thoughts will not be feeling so high and mighty anymore. Opinion polls suggest that one in ten Americans worry about whether they will survive past Dec 21 of this year (Morrison). The way that the media portrays “Doomsday” in their television shows, books, movies and more is a perfect example of how much of an influence media has in the lives of so many people. Whether or not the media is using television shows such as “Doomsday Preppers” to make fun of these people, or not, who knows. The matter is, the people in this world watch television every day and, every day, more and more people are beginning to believe this nonsense. According to Philip Sherwell and Hernando Garcia of The Telegraph, the movie 2012 “was inspired by theories that the calendar of the ancient Mayans foretells the end of civilization on Dec 21, 2012” (Sherwell and Garcia).This movie was a very large part of the beginning of this wave of uncertainty. The Mayan calendar actually ended on October 28, 2011, which was also another day that was pin pointed as the “end of the world”. There have been several other dates as well. In the 2012 movie, it is portrayed that the world ends due to “the perfect storm,” which was a series of extremely violet and life threatening storms. A snow storm, a huge tidal wave and several other things created a world-wide devastation.
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