What Were The Most Important Events In The 1950's

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History 135 | The American Experience | Events of the Decades | | Events from the past to the present Since the 1950’s there have been many major events that have happened in the world. Whether it is economical, social, or political something has happened so much from then to now. To answer the question what were the most significant events that happened from the 1950’s until the 1990’s. There are many events that will be discussed to cover all the major events that have happened through the years. Witch trials of McCarthy The end of WW II and the Cold War. Communism caused a lot of problems and chaos in every country that it hit. Communism is supposed to be a system that makes everyone in society pretty much…show more content…
Since things were being ran by Reagan the way he wanted, they started calling it Reaganomics and everyone was being affected in their own way. When the changes started to occur the Caucasians was one group of people that really didn’t feel the negative effect, they were actually benefiting from it all. This wasn’t the same for all the other people, everyone else was still struggling and said that this was the hardest they have seen. Since so many people were hurting for money, the number of applications rolling in for unemployment was dropping, and the housing economy was rising. At the same time, the people of America that were considered the lower class citizens were left struggling because the reduction of jobs and Reagan reduced the amount of funding that went toward Medicaid, Medicare, and housing. Reagan showed plenty of favoritism toward the wealthy, and doing this he showed the country that cutting programs did not bother him like it did to the people if effected. In the Future…. Our country has been through a lot over the past couple of decades and has seen its

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