What Were Elijah's Accomplishments

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Elijah What kind of man was Elijah? What were his accomplishments? Who were his contemporaries? Elijah was primarily based in Gilead and held the occupation of prophet. His contemporaries consisted of Ahab, Jezebel, Ahaziah, Obadiah, Jehu, and Hazal. These were the people that Elijah was in constant contact with because God had a message for them. Elijah was a man of ‘many hats’, as we like to say, but he carried the message of God to people who many times did not want to hear what he had to say, in order to warn them about the things that were forthcoming. Like any human being, Elijah made mistakes, had flaws, and also lasted through his good times as well as his bad times. But what type of prophet was Elijah? God made Elijah a confronter. He had to speak God’s words to a king who often rejected his message. Elijah experienced depression and loneliness even though he worked for God. In Elijah’s life we really see the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. One huge victory was the defeat of the prophets of Baal. But the agony of defeat came though Elijah’s…show more content…
Some of the ups included, Elijah being the most famous and dramatic of Israel’s prophets and with the help of God he was able to predict the beginning and end of a three-year drought. Among other miracles, Elijah was used by God to restore a dead child to his mother. As mentioned earlier, Elijah was God’s representative in a showdown with the priests of Baal and Asherah. And in the New Testament, Elijah appeared with Moses and Jesus during Jesus’ transfiguration. However, Elijah did struggle with some things. Elijah was what we call an introvert, meaning that he did not like to work with other people. He chose to work alone and as a result, paid for his choice through isolation. He also fled in fear from Jezebel when she threatened his life. Elijah should have stood firm before Jezebel because if God be for you, who can stand against
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